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Jen introduces beginners to the empowering world of meditation in her debut album, Mindfullness. By guiding learners through the practice of self-awareness, Jen promotes recovery to defuse anxiety, codependency, and anger, allowing listeners to heal, transform, and focus.

Opening with track 1, “Introductory Meditation,” get a taste for the practice, or jump to track 3, “Body Scan” to release tension and embody relaxation. Learn how to build compassion organically and find a safe place in track 8, “Loving-Kindness/Compassion.” As you near the end of the album, liberate anxiety and ground yourself in the present moment with “Overcoming Panic or Anxiety.”

Transform your mind, promote peace, and reclaim your power in Mindfulness.

1 review for Mindfullness

  1. 5 out of 5

    Delivered everything it promised and more!

    • So glad to hear it! xo, Jen

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